Submitting Transcripts for K-12 School Applications

Submitting Transcripts for K-12 School Applications

As you’re finalizing school applications, don’t miss a crucial component of your child’s admissions file: their transcripts. A transcript is a list of classes that your child has taken in recent years, and also lists their performance (grades) in each class; for younger children, “transcripts” are usually a thorough evaluation of your child’s progress in key developmental areas. Admissions departments use this information to evaluate whether your child would be a fit for their academic environment. 

November is the ideal time to begin submitting transcript requests, so you have plenty of time to get the documents in order ahead of school application deadlines. Read on for some helpful tips about gathering transcripts: 

  • Transcripts for kindergarten applications: If you’re applying for kindergarten, your child’s preschool will be asked to fill out an ISAAGNY form. The form is about 18 pages long (!), and is completed by your student’s current teacher. They’ll fill in a wide range of information about your child’s pre- and early literacy and math skills, social and emotional development, and their classroom behavior. The form also asks about your involvement as a parent, and if you’ve upheld timely financial commitments to the school. Some Nursery Directors may ask you to wait until December to submit your final list of schools so that they are sending the right ISAAGNY forms; at minimum, though, November is a great time to make sure your Director knows where you intend to apply.
  • Transcripts for elementary school applications: If you’re applying for elementary school (grades 1-5), you’ll need to request a similar ISAAGNY form (thankfully shorter than the kindergarten version!) from your current school. You may also be asked to supply past report cards or end-of-year reports to supplement your application.
  • Requesting transcripts from your child’s school: If you’re requesting traditional transcripts from your child’s current school, follow these steps: 
    • Print, fill out, and sign the Transcript Release Form for each school you’re applying to. These forms give your current school permission to share transcripts with your prospective schools on your child’s behalf. Note that some schools have electronic Transcript Release Forms, and some are pen-and-paper. 
    • Bring a signed copy of each form to your child’s main office – the office staff will ensure that all transcripts are sent out. If the form is electronic, you’ll share it via email through the application portal. 
  • What do transcripts include? Transcripts should include past grades and your child’s most recent grades. Note that first semester grades will not be finalized until mid-November or later, so it is important to wait until then to turn in the Transcript Release Forms to your child’s current school. Students currently enrolled in public school will not receive first semester grades until late January or early February; in this case, email each prospective school to inform them that most recent grades will arrive a bit late due to the standard public school grading timeline. 

These are the basic tips you need to know before requesting and submitting transcripts – with any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us. Best of luck completing those school applications! 


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