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Navigating the High School Admissions Process with Admit NY

Navigating the High School Admissions Process with Admit NY

Admit NY is a boutique educational consultancy providing guidance to New York families navigating the school admissions process from nursery school to high school for both private and public schools.

The New York high school admissions process is very complex, and families often struggle to figure out where to begin. We developed a short video to explain the basics of high school admissions, and share more about how we work with our high school families to find the best fit school. 

At Admit NY, we make the high school admissions process much more manageable. We help families approach admissions in a strategic, organized, and thoughtful manner. We partner with your family and work with you as a team, giving your child the best chance at admissions success while ensuring your valuable time is used efficiently and effectively. 

Our extensive knowledge of the New York high school admissions process allows us to provide perspective and insight, from the big picture of finding the best school for your child to the day-to-day details of timelines and deadlines. 

We’ll begin by providing your family with an overview of the school landscape. We’ll talk you through each school’s unique community and culture, academic programs, teaching philosophies, and extracurricular profiles. We’ll meet one-on-one with each student to develop a list of schools that would be good matches for their personalities and goals.

Then, we work together to customize admissions tools, develop to-do lists, trackers, and timelines, send email reminders, schedule check-ins, and much more. We do whatever it takes, with the methods that work best for each individual family, to make sure no one drops the ball. 

As the admissions process moves forward, we help families construct thoughtful parent statements, brainstorm student essay topics, and provide specific feedback to ensure all written submissions are tailored to the family’s individual narrative and the school’s values. 

Then, we equip students with the tools they need to clearly communicate their strengths during school interviews (even interviews on Zoom!). We also streamline complicated teacher recommendation and transcript request procedures. 

As the high school admissions process unfolds and families receive updates from their target schools, we help re-evaluate and re-strategize school lists and adjust admissions goals as necessary. At the end of the cycle, we help you sort through school options and make a decision. 

Admit NY is your partner through the entire high school admissions process, from first wondering where to begin through the first day of a new school. Ready to tackle your own admissions journey? Reach out today to schedule a consultation with our expert team. 


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