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Admit NY Admissions Case Study: Quality School Options for mom_uptown

Admit NY Admissions Case Study: Quality School Options for mom_uptown

At Admit NY, we work with families on their educational goals of all shapes and sizes. From providing guidance on specific questions like school choice to comprehensive admissions guidance support from start to finish, we’re your GPS for navigating the complicated New York school system. 

Earlier this year, we worked with Ashley of mom_uptown to find the right schools for her young daughters, a great admissions case study. Ashley sat down with us to share her experience working with Admit NY, describing how we provided school options without any of the “blood, sweat, and tears.”  

How did you initially get acquainted with Admit NY? 

I first met Whitney and the Admit NY team at a forum on school admissions at Union Square Play. That event created a sense of urgency: I realized how far in advance you have to begin researching and applying. A lot of these things can start to happen a year or more prior to your child’s start date at a new school. 

That really put a fire under me, because our lease was about to be up on the Upper West Side, and we were going to have to position ourselves in a good public school zone. I have a now-three year old and a 14 month old, and we needed to get prepared to send our older daughter to a new school. We had to get in a good school zone a full year before she started, because of the way our lease dates fell. There was a lot of urgency to position ourselves in the right school zone. 

admissions case study
Ashley and her daughters. Michelle Rose Sulcov/

What did you work on with Admit NY? 

We basically wanted to know where we should live. Based on my daughter’s personality and our personality, what was a good public school fit, and therefore which neighborhood should we move to in order to attend that school? 

We were in the lower part of the Upper West Side, and we knew that we still wanted to be in that neighborhood or north, but still on the Upper West Side. We actually lived in the same building as one school, but we knew it wasn’t the school for us for various reasons. So we knew we had to move, and we needed help finding schools that met our criteria so we could start looking at homes in those areas. 

How did Admit NY guide your school and neighborhood choice? 

Admit NY provided us with three schools. We already knew about 199, a very popular school, but the chances of getting the right apartment in that area were slim. So we needed additional options, and that’s what Admit NY provided. They helped us find a couple other school zones with really good schools just a couple of streets away. 

How valuable were those targeted recommendations? 

I don’t think that I could have been able to get that basic answer of which school zones to focus on by myself. You can really get lost in a hole of Googling and get really confused as to what is a public school versus some sort of specialty school, and a bunch of other questions. The New York public school system is really confusing. I maybe could have found these answers on my own with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears but working with Admit NY was really straightforward. They gave us a game plan, and that’s all I wanted. 

The team at Admit NY just really knew their stuff – they were very straightforward, and I loved working with them. 

Do you have questions about the New York public or private school system? Reach out today for customized guidance and a straightforward game plan.


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